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I did on mine till I was able to get all the emission stuff off my motor...
Its that or you better watch the oil level and not allow it to get over full to the point you allow the crank lobes to pound the seals out of the engine... Not to mention how bad the oil is going to break down and not lube the bearings well enough.

Actually dude this whole thing stinks if you ask more than a few of us on here. I am all for the clean air, b ut not like this and burning twice the fuel to get the clean air. All the soot you get packed in the oil on these motors with this EGR system is nothing more than a grinding compound for the bearings as the oil is pumped and pushed through the system.

With how thick and nasty the oil gets before you change it, its not going to be a pleasant sight for you since you have already noticed the color. Then with where your at in Anchorage, the temps are going to have this thick nasty oil even worse. The whole setup we have with all this emission stuff as it is, its all gloom and doom JIMO...

I sure hope they come up with something that works better for all this or take the guys that think this crap up, out and hunt them for sport...

My 6.7 is so much more happy with all this stuff off, oil is better, mileage is up and she is slowly getting simpler looking under the hood as I get rid of this over priced stuff...LOL
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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