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Cold Air intakes

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Getting ready to order the S&B CAI and was wondering if i should get the manifold intake with it as a combo. Is the manifold Intake needed with the CAI and if I put these on do I need gauges to monitor anything? Other than an exhaust i am stock.
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You dont have to get the manifold it is not needed to install the intake. You wont need gauges or a monitor if anything your EGT's will be a little cooler.
If you haven't already, take off the turbo silencer while you have the CAI off.
I agree I didn't think it was needed to install the intake, I was wondering if it would be more beneficial to the airflow than just the CAI
What are the benefits to taking off the silencer?
What are the benefits to taking off the silencer?
nothin,, just more turbo whistle
QUOTE=Its a Diesel Punk!!;2494606]nothin,, just more turbo whistle[/QUOTE]

:agree2: mines sings like a when i hit the skinny
You also gain like an extra lb of boost or something like that. It's not a lot of course.

That intake elbow on your truck now is very restrictive with the literal 90 degree bends in it or so. The intake manifold will give you like 10 or so hp and will also lower EGT's, it gives you better economy, better spool, etc. Really in my opinion it's a small upgrade that everyone should put in on there truck.

Think of it this way, the more air flow you have, the better your truck will love you for it :)
I purchased the kit. I figured down the road i would end up getting the intake horn anyways so figured i would save the hundred or so bucks getting everything together. I put them on in stages. The CAI intake first. Drove it around for a week loved the intake. Then installed the elbow the following weekend. To me it made a big difference turbo spooled up wayyyyy quicker. I say get the kit! Make sure its the new intake in the kit tho. Part number 75-5047
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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