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Cold air intake

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Alright I've got the dry filter fromS&B with the tube,box,scoop. I bought because the stock filter was dirty. I haven't noticed any real mileage benifits that they claim. It does give the turbo a whistle at about 1500 rpm. Was it worth the cost???and should I go back to stock.
Thanks for all replies.
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With your mods I wouldn't believe you had you said it does make a difference. S&B seems to have a better reputation than most CAIs but you essentially have a 300 dollar noisemaker. The stocker flows fine and does its job.
Well you have it now might as well keep it , unless they will give you a refund on
I got my S&B for Christmas. I installed it, replacing my modded stock air box and gutted air tube. There was no mileage change. The scoop added throttle response at highway speed especially when towing. With the scoop installed, one must be very careful when driving in snow or heavy rain. IMHO a CAI is not worth the money unless you are running big power.
For me, the big change in mileage came with deletes and the H&S XRT Pro. This netted an instant Imperial 5 MPG. The truck now gets 22 to 23 on the highway and did 25 on one trip. These are hand calculated figures. The best that it did before the deletes was 19, 16 to 18 was the norm.
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