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codes my truck set?

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I have a 02 with a 6 speed 2500 4x4 i have occasionally started having dead pedal issues taking it in to have looked at tomorrow it set a 0216 0234 and 1693 the 1693 say dtc detected what does that mean? i suspect its going to need a fuel pump and injector pump the truck only has 60340 miles on it and the dead pedal has done it to me about 8-10 times the truck hardly ever gets drove and is all stock except for the 4 inch exhaust any suggestions of what it could be?????:CRY::CRY::peelout:peelout
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injection pump, p0216 is the death code
i can look up the codes at work. I have a scanner, so I will check back at about 9pm.
1693 is the companion code, basically means nothing more than a code was set.

P0216 - Injection timing fault (code of death for VP44)

P0234 - Overboost - Your truck has seen more than 21psi of boost according to the map sensor. Could be a bad sensor or a wastegate sticking.

Check lift pump pressure, my guess is its low, and when you rev it I bet it drops. You are going to have to do a VP44 at the minimum.
pump died

the injection pump and lift pump died only had two psi of pressure had all replaced and added a low pressure light till i get some gauges and $2300 later the runs like new only has 60000 and i had it since 40000 and it has never ran this good or smooth and it ran a pulled awesome before and got 19.5 mpg cant wait to see what it does now thanks for your help:peelout:peelout:peelout:peelout:peelout:peelout:$::$::$::$::$:
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