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my truck recently quit ,would not start , after some looking around i found that my crankshaft position sensor was cracked and a little part of it was missing. so after looking for the little plastic chunk missing( and still to this day wich i figure is in the oil pan ) i replaced the crankshaft sensor ,the truck started rightaway but noticed every time i start the truck i loose my rpm gauge about 5 second or so after startup ,but the truck still running fine ,but now engine light is on and 2 codes 0336 ,0602. right off the bat i noticed that the truck is lacking power . i suspected the crankshaft sensor to be faulty ,so i installed a new one again , made sure all wires were fine, but still the same truck is gutless ,forgot to mention my turbo boost gauge has not been working since the first incident but i can hear it loud and clear.
anyone has encounter this problem ?
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