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Been haveing intermittant fuel pressure issues after trying 2 cycle oil(slow build up pressure at startup- 5 to 10 seconds to full pressure when its usually instantaneous) Changed filter seemed to settle down to normal.
Headed down the road to Santa Fe stopped after a couple of hours; on start up engine light stayed on and the fuel pressure started jumping back and forth from normal 8lbs to 0. On throttle dropped to 0 - on let up would recover; drove a little while thinking I'd head to Taos to get another filter; after a while pressure stayed up on throttle and droped to 0 on letup????

Stopped and to see what codes would come up: 1693 & 0237. Autozone computer says:1.Turbocharge control circut malfunction & PCM determined input voltage for boost pressure sensor A is too low for current engine opperating conditions.

So what does this have to do with my fuel pump pressure????Figured may bad electrical connection (some corrosion in the connection).

Cleaned off the pump electrical connections and disconnected batteries. After a couple of stop and starts the engine light stayes off and the pump pressure is more or less normal - maybe drops a little more than usual on throttle; but acceptable 6lbs.

Thinking its time for a good fuel pump to replace Dodges intank fix. But doesn't explain the codes which I'm still getting even though the engine warning light doesn't stay on.

Meanwhile engine runs smoothly without a hitch throughout???
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