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Code PO341

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I have an 05 4wd 6speed manual with k&n filter charger and an edge economy mod with about 110k. My check engine light came on yesterday while pulling a small aluminum boat down the highway. I would lose power and here a rattling noise at about 70 mph. I went and had auto zone do a diagnostic test to tell me what it was. PO341-Camshaft Position Sensor A-Bank 1 is what is said. I made sure all sensor connections were tight and checked for bare wires. found nothing. Truck sat over night, now the light is off. Should I have this looked at/should I be worried, or is it something easy that I could check. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you all in advance.
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thanks for the reply and thank you especially for going to iraq.:yourock::beer
Can anyone tell me how to correctly take my valve covers off and check cam sensors and timing. I have adjusted timing on a gas motor before. This is my first cummins. Not sure how similar they are to do. I have 110k on it, 80k by me and this is the first problem that I have had besides front axle u joint. I love her, but I want her to work for me.
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