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code p1011

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how should i go about solving this issue. its for a friend. code says low fuel pressure.
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My description is fuel pump delivery pressure too low
I don't know if that reading is before or after the fuel filter so the first thing to do is mount a gauge before the filter and see what it is. A remote range would help as you could watch it through the window while driving. It should be above 5psi at all times.
If ok then mount it after the filter and do the same test.
Basically it can be a plugged lift pump "screen", bad lift pump, lift pump power supply/connection or plugged fuel filter

Edit: apparently the only fuel pressure sensor is on the rail, so the pressure checks and return flow rate checks are in order.
So I would work backwards, check rail pressure back to fuel pump.
Relief valve activation
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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