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Code P0403, 2008 Dodge 5500

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I know this is the code for the EGR control circuit, but truck is stuck 4 hours in the bush, is there anything i can do to fix it without having to get it towed into the dealership.

Here's what is happening, turn the key on then wait for glow plug light to go off, try to start but it doesn't do anything, no ticking like the battery is dead or anything, then the engine light blinks ten times. Did the code retrieval thing and got code P0403.

What could be causing this?
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go under the hood and unplug the egr valve (its the brownish colored connector on the drivers side just under that plastic cover)

Unplugging it will tell the engine not to modulate it and if truely the P0403 is causing the no start, this should solve the problem until you can make it back to a dealer. If it doesn't solve the problem your truck is having other issues.
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