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Alright i recently made a topic about some other codes and took the truck to the dealer to speak to them about the truck i just bought, long story short i got P0216 and took it to the mechanic and he tells me he cleared all the codes and drove it around and it didn't dead pedal. so i was driving it home and it did it 1 time. got home and checked my codes from the ODO window after he already cleared them and got :

P1693 (someone explained it to me, what i got was it threw it because P0216 was thrown, correct?)
P0216 (again)

i understand thats IP timing failure but what can result in that? im hoping to find a cheaper fix if there is a problem causing that instead of dropping cash when not needed.

*truck is a 02, no mods, 83k*
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your VP44 is like our economy, going down hill fast.
it will do it more and more.
(should have a $ that lights up on the dash when P0216 is set)
try to get the dealer to cover parts and you'll put it in.
get rid of stock lift pump also
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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