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So there I was,, dootling down the road when I get the warning chime,,


So I did,, temp was pegged out. I turn the AC off and heater on. All readings on the commander are norm. I turn into the median and the truck dies! I coast a bit, bump the key, it starts and I make a left into a GMC dealer of all places! I notice the temp is pegged out and the fuel gauges says empty but I just filled up 50miles ago and the brake light is on. Then it dies again. Immediately I grab my smarty jr and try to read a code.

I try again,, then I get something like
Error; Comp timed out​

Then I turn the key on/off 3 times to see if I maybe I have codes and maybe my smarty isn't working properly. Still no codes. Temp gauges is under 200, fuel is gauges is empty, brake light is on.

I try to reload the stock ECM but I still get the error message 3Xs.

Turn the key off, drink the rest of my coke and smile at the nice salesman that's waiting for me to get out of my truck.

Key is on but truck is not running. I pop the hood, test the radiator cap, open the radiator cap "nope, it's not boiling over" but I hear a ticking. I take the fuse case cover off and it's the fuel pump relay ticking.

climb back into the cab of the truck,,,
Finally I get the stock ECM reloaded. Turn the key on/off 3Xs and I finally get codes 118 and 193.
I try the smarty again and I get "cooling temp sensor high" and "fuel pressure gauge jacked up". Brake light is still on, fuel gauge is full, temp gauge is under 200.

I bump the key, she fires up easily.
Shut her down, check codes again and then I cleared them. Bumped the key and she's driven fine for the last 30 miles.

WTH just happened?

I haven't reloaded the smarty cause I 'm waiting to see if it happens again w/o it. and no,, I haven't downloaded the latest software for it,, yet.
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