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Clutch rated for my truck??

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Hey guys new here. This will be my first post Ive been using this forum for advice for a while but just never became a member :confused013: Anyways I currently own a 1996 Dodge 2500 12v, its a slt longbox truck. Ive done some work to it over the years (I am only 24 though) and I had it dyno'dabout 2 years ago now. It had hit 273hp and 721 lb.ft. of torque not too bad for a 12v and only work done by myself.

I am wondering, it needs a new clutch as the one in it now slips under power in 3,4,5 gears. With a 721lb.ft. torque rating at the wheels dyno'd, will a clutch designed for say 350hp and 700 lb. ft. tq be able to hold my trucks power (as the tq is not much higher and hp is lower) Im also not towing, dragging or pulling with this truck it is a daily driven machine that is alot of fun. What do you think? And what are some good brands to look at? Ive checked out some options from Valair, South Bend and Centre Force I think. Thanks for any help, Ill be doing the install myself also on my next days off! Ill post how that goes in another thread. Sorry for all the typing!:doh:
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The stock clutch should be fine for 273 horse power.

I ran the stock clutch in my 94 12 valve for years and my truck was dynoed multiple times at 398 horse power. If anything look at a South Bend Con OFE. I ended up with one for free and threw it in my lil 12 valve and that is a sweet clutch. Drives just like the factory one and is rated for 400+ horse power
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Anytime man! It's always nice to help other members out. If you have any questions when you get to the install feel free to hit us up. I've installed a couple hundred aftermarket clutches over the years and have found a few tricks that really help save a lot of time and frustration.
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