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Clutch pedal creaking...any fixes?

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My 2007 5.9L 6 speed has developed a creak in the clutch pedal that is annoying.Anyone else out there experience this? Any successful repairs for this? Any help is appreciated!
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Mine started doing it about 3 weeks ago i try some wd40 under the dash didn't help though .
Turn the radio up alittle more! I have the same thing going on, but just have not had much time to look into it. I would think that some white lithum grease on the pivot point would help and last longer than wd-40.
I have 107,000 on my 03 and it doesn't make that noise. Dang new trucks. Guess they don't make em like they used to.
Take the clutch pivet out (the white plastic pin) put some grease on it . I had to do this after I put the DD clutch in a year ago, and has been fine so far.
There is no white plastic pin on mine i look can't see no white pin ??
Mine has done and is doing the creaking noise again. Last time I used a little silicon assembly lube on the plunger shaft and it quieted down for about a year. It seems to be worse in warmer weather. The noise comes from the rubber seal around the plunger at the fire wall. You'll need to slide the clutch safety switch forward to get to it and lube it. It is tight in there if you are a bigger than average guy. Have fun, I will be doing it to mine tomorrow too.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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