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clutch need help

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Alright I got a 99 24v but the tranny is out of a 96 12v. Tonight I blew the clutch. It was the southbend 650 rwhp one. I heard they are the best. But now what it blew it? What should I go with??

Here's the list of mods.
Edge juice w hot unlock and drag tunes
200 injectors hotrod pump
150 raptor
it's a dually sitting on 38 militarys and hauls everyday. Keep that in mind to
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What turbo(s) do you have? My best advice for clutches is always to call south bend and Valair. Is the clutch just worn out? or is it fairly new?
You aren't even close to pushing the limits of that clutch..... Give south bend a call and see if they will work with you.
Questions: Is it a dual disk? Do you do boosted launches? Did you break it in properly?
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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