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clutch need help

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Alright I got a 99 24v but the tranny is out of a 96 12v. Tonight I blew the clutch. It was the southbend 650 rwhp one. I heard they are the best. But now what it blew it? What should I go with??

Here's the list of mods.
Edge juice w hot unlock and drag tunes
200 injectors hotrod pump
150 raptor
it's a dually sitting on 38 militarys and hauls everyday. Keep that in mind to
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im betting you need a double disk, either valair or southbend..... and if you have air for the 200 horse sticks and hotrod vp you are likely pushing the limits of a 600 hp clutch with just the motor. now add the load and your looking much more stress on the truck....

just my .02
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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