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clutch is toast

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my stock clutch is failing, dynomite diesel suggests a south bend 13" rated at 450hp and 1000 ft/lbs and some upgrades for the hydraulics...should I go bigger now for when I add more power later and is there anything I should know about installing this myself? any tips would be great
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do you have the NV5600 or the G56? also i would buy the clutch for what you plan on having not what you have now. that way you only have to do it once. the Dual disc clutches are just as streetable if not more than the single disc ones. but anyway you look at it SBC is the way to go!!!
I really wish I got a dual disc now. I recemend it if you have the money. Its pretty easy to replace the clutch, just take out the old put in the new
NV5600, my reverse is up to the right, it's down to the left on the G56 correct?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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