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Clunk in front end turning left

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Hello. I got new tires put on my truck and now the front end has a clunk it didn't have before. I went from BFG 285 75 17 A/T KO's on the stock wheels and back to the stock size with Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo 2's. Now it clunks repeatedly when turning left. The noise seems to be coming from the right front. I of course already checked the lug nuts and jacked up the truck and checked for any obvious signs that something is loose but haven't come accross anything. Any ideas? Thanks

Edit: The truck currently has just over 67,000 miles on it.
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When you say clunks repeatedly when turning left, are you meaning everytime you turn left it clunks once or when you turn it clunks multiple times?.....Also, how far left are you turning before the clunking starts?

If it is clunking just once, I would look at the condition/orientation of your drag links and associated hardware first.
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