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Close to pulling the trigger, Want Black App Group & tow mirrors? Can it be done?

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I'm close to pulling the trigger on a 2014. I really like the black appearance group. Only thing I don't like is that the dealer said that I can't order it with tow mirrors only black folding smaller ones. Has anyone had any luck ordering this package with tow mirrors?

If not what are my options? It is really hard to see around the back of the 5th wheel without extensions. Are there any good mirror extensions I can put on the mirror when I need them?

Is it uber expensive to retro fit tow mirrors?

Thank you!
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You can find used OEM for $300-$500 or so and then have the dealer flash your truck to accept them.
Even though some have said you can't get the BAP with the tow mirrors you can because I've seen them in pics that a member posted. It was on a 14 2500 BAP . No my dealer said if you order the BAP with the chrome tow mirrors it will come with the regular black not chrome tow mirrors. Not sure what to believe anymore. But Im holding my dealership up to their word, and will expect them to make good.
I found a Laramie with tow mirror online, about 90 min from my house. The dealer verified that it was BAP with black tow mirrors and called Dodge, who told me I could order them. I drove the dealer I ordered the truck from nuts trying to get the mirrors and tried the local dealer to see if they could get them. I came up empty.
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