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clicking in dash

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:confused013:when i drive my truck there is a clicking sound like a relay coming from under the steering wheel. i cant figure out what it is. i have tried every acc on and off and it still does it every few seconds all the time.
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Maybe something dropped in one of the vents - windshield vent I'm thinking. Could also be a piece of body, there was a TSB from Dodge regarding a body issue in the front somewhere, needed some welding to fix it. Could it be a piece of trim rattling somewhere around the windshield or side windows? Just throwing some idears out there.
the noise is def under the steering wheel like a relay
Not in the steering wheel?

Like your multifunction switch? When they go bad, sometimes your blinker "tick" will go on and off as it pleases, if it's the same noise as your blinkers I would go ahead and replace your multifunction switch.
its not as loud as the blinkers some time it clicks then double clicks. it just keeps happening. everything thing in the truck works perfect except for the heated mirrors, but i installed after market ones so i think thats why they dont work.
I get the same thing, only when my cruise is on though. 01 quad rwd
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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