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Cleaning the MAP sensor w/Pics

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As Marco talked about in another post it is a good idea to clean the MAP sensor.Many may already do this and many may not even know where the MAP is. Cleaning this sensor may really improve the way the engine runs and cut down on codes like P0106. Even if you think your truck is running good it will not hurt to clean this. This is about the simpest thing to do and takes about 5 minutes. Brake cleaner and a Torx #15 head is all that is needed.

Map location

Dirty sensor. My sensor had about 2000 miles before the EGR was deleted and it is tough to see by the pictures, but it is covered in soot. I can not imagine what some of the sensors are like that have had the EGR hooked up for awhile.

Clean sensor. You can now see the protected orange part in the middle.

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I think the dealers use brake clean to clean all the sooted sensors also
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