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Chrysler lemon law checks bouncing

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Hope you are not planning to "lemon law" your truck any time soon:

Chrysler bankruptcy creates lemon law turmoil - Los Angeles Times

Chrysler's bankruptcy is throwing a wrench into California's lemon law, which is intended to make it easier for consumers to get refunds for defective vehicles. As the automaker's bankruptcy grinds away, settlement checks from Chrysler to unhappy car buyers are bouncing and complaints are stymied in and out of court.
Since Chrysler filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection April 30, financial claims incurred before the filing can be paid only if approved by the bankruptcy judge. Chrysler has not asked for permission to make payments on lemon law complaints -- and that is causing headaches for some of its customers.
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Since Chrysler is already in bankruptcy and anyone that has already filed suit under a lemon law is unlikely to purchase another Chrysler product, I suspect that they really don't give a damn about bouncing checks.
If you read the article it talks about a guy who turned in his car and received a check.

The check bounced, so now he has no car and no money. Regardless if he ever plans to buy another Chrysler, I'm sure he cares.
I wonder how these bounce checks are being handled by lein holders for the financed trucks?
That's why I took care of my lemon law case back in February. I suspected this would happen.
Technically, it's against the law to write a bad corporate check. Someone could be subject to jail time.

Having delt with banks in a bankrupcy situation, they'll have ot sit on their butts and wait for their money now.

Chances are the checks were good, the bank put a stop payment on them as they were probably post April 30.

I sure hope the owners don't get offered a 30% on the dollar deal like I got. I had an $800K claim
And then I read something like this.... If I had a bad check from them and no vehicle, I'd be livid!!!

"Daimler AG (NYSE:DAI) has purchased a 10% "double-digit million dollar sum" stake in Tesla Motors Inc, a company that makes high-end electric vehicles."
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