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Chippewa Falls/Eau Claire area?

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Just curious if any of you are around this area?
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Little slow on the reply but I'm about an hour away.
Rice lake area
Chetek area. Spend alotta time hangin out EC/Chippewa.
We should get Rock Falls to do some diesel drags, and maybe get a dyno day set up this spring?!
Black river falls, looking to move to hallie within the year.
I live in Eau Claire
My house is in Fall Creek Im just never there. Work all over the country and make it home a couple weeks here and there
SOUTH but burlington/lake geneva area
^^^I use to live in waterford
i live in hudson
New Richmond
eau Claire here
Cheap spray in liners. Awesome price.

If your looking for a spray in liner at a dirt cheap price there is a guy in black river falls that did mine for 350 looks amazing and guarantees for life. P.m. Me for info to get ahold of him.


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1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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