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Hello - my first post here on this board and I might just cause myself to be banned because of this question...:w:

Will Chevy/GM rims fit on a 2nd gen Dodge?

I understand Dodge and GM both use a 8 x 6.5 pattern but I'm assuming if the Hummer rims require machining of the center hole because the Dodge hub is larger then that would also apply for Chevy/GM rims.

Yes? No?

At some point I'll need new tires and (hate to admit it, but...) I like the look of the Chevy rims. There also seems to be more Chevy take-offs out there.

If they do need the center hole enlarged, any tricks for a DIY'er to do it themselves as opposed to paying a machine shop?
I've seen how others have used a router for the Hummer rims. I think they have a lip that allow a router to follow at the correct depth.

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