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Checking LP or IP While On A Test Drive

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I'm in the market to purchase my first diesel truck. I'm going to be looking at a couple of trucks this weekend. One of the trucks is a very clean '99 auto 4x4.

1. Is there a way to check the LP or IP without a fuel pressure guage, and if so how do you do it?

2. I need to know exactly where (pics help) of where to look to know if the truck is a "53" block.
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tough to check fuel pressure without a gauge, your best bet would probably be to drive it for a few mins, pull over, do the key trick to check the codes, write them down and bring them back here

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Don't worry it's a 53 block. Or at least 99% were. Lood above pan rail. 2" high #'s.
Does it run? Pretty good way!! Check for fault codes with code reader.
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