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Check this out!!!!

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I am calling BS....see if you know why...its pretty easy to see why...pretty sure there are no engine computers on these good ol' BA's.

1992 Dodge W250 4x4 5spd CUMMINS

I stand corrected, thanks Slow69chevelle
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Actually '92 and '93 1st Gens had a very primitive PCM that controlled basic engine functions. There is one on my '92, so its not BS.
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well our trucks kinda have a computer. the pcm. its behind the battery dangit slow69 you just beat me
I stand corrected...Thank you, I learned something new today....Now I can go to the tavern :)
No problem and to be perfectly honest, I would rather the PCM not be in my truck at all. :lol4:
could be like the 89-91.5 i think and only have a little black box called the "Air/heater controller" mounted under the steering post on the fire wall. or well thats where mine sits. i got rid of that whole PCM in the 92 when i put the 90's engine in it. i just used the 90's harness. so if anyone needs a PCM for a 1992 W250 5 speed let me know lol its just sitting under the fender taking up space. i dont know if its good or not. the 92 didnt have an engine when i bought it. i was thinking of using it for shotgun target practice but i decided that wouldnt be good since parts are kinda hard to come by for these trucks :D
lol I lucked out i got a early 91 dont got to worry about that thing
well arent you special. lol. oh ya well we got an intercooler ha beat that lol
ha bigger injectors!!! sorry to hi jack thread
actually the computer on them doesnt control anything. I have a 97, 95, 94 and a 92 all running without a computer at all. The computer on the 1st gen trucks make the dash work and that is it. It just reads information from the engine. It wont defuel it or anything else, just turn a light on or move a guage needle on the dash.
ha bigger injectors!!! sorry to hi jack thread
nuh uh. i got 4x14's!! you have 4x12's. what now?!:hehe:
7'' stack that some day ill put on and mines 4x4 with 3rd gen wheels
well i gotta hx35 and...... stock rims!!!!
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