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Someone just posted a Facebook link to a diesel shop doing a 13 dpf and def delete but no real further info at all. Check it out if I was better on my iPad I would post the link to bad you just have to go there and check it out.
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I called my local shop for a delete last week for my 13. 2500.00 and he said it would basically be a 5.9L. Didn't quite understand that but 2500.00 is a little much at the moment. They must be out there somewhere.
Any diesel shop which is advertising deleting emissions equipment is going to find themselves out of business in short order, with expensive legal bills.
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I spoke with a guy that had his dully deleted. Him and his buddy did in st joe mo. Don't remember shop name. He said it ran great. At this point unless it is from a company that has a good reputation for providing deletes I believe I would pass. I would not want to give up warranty just to delete at this point. This being my first diesel, I am not a posed to deleting just want to have some quantified data from a reputable company
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