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Check eng light?

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Got in the truck to leave work and the check eng light came on. Truck wouldn't go more than about 45 on the way home. I pushed in the odo reset button and turned the key to run the inst cluster bit and it displayed "C-Code" and then all zeros. Does anybody know what C-Code is. I did a quick google search and got nothing.
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I learned a little today. Depressing the odo button and turning the key on doesn't give any codes. However if I do the key on-off three times it gives me the P0299. I didn't realize that until now. My bad. Anyway the scanner at Auto Zone pulled the code and is decoded as "boost pressure low". I have a boost gauge and it is definitely making less boost but I'm assuming because of less fueling. The turbo sounds fine, so I' going to pull apart the intake and look for blockages. I guess the boost pressure sensor will come next. So does anyone know where the boost pressure or if it the same, the MAP sensor is on an '05?
No extra smoke or anything of that nature. I just finished putting the intake back together. No blockages or any problems there. I ordered a new boost pressure sensor from dodge. :shock:$200:shock: Had to come from Atlanta. Should be here tomorrow, hopefully I can get it before work. Otherwise not until Monday. Anyway, we'll see if it fixes the problem.
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