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Although I know there was still fluid in the TC it took 11 quarts to get it back to full (stock pan). I think thats an indication that most of the fluid in the tranny cooler drained.
I swapped my pan out for a PLM about 20K miles ago. Didn't totally flush it. Refilled with Amsoil Universal. Absolutely no tranny shifting or other issues using the Amsoil. Either way - Mopar ATF +4 is really good stuff if you decide to just use regular tranny fluid.

Can't remember how many quarts it took, but it was way more than I was expecting. Wanna say like 12-13 or something like that.

Advice? Take your time. Let 'er drip for a while. Fill the spin-on with ATF like you would an oil filter. Don't over-tighten the plate filter screw. Once it's done dripping, clean the mounting flange with brake cleaner, use a light coat of RTV (unless you're using the Mag pan with the O-ring), and install the pan bolts in X-patterns gradually tightening in a couple passes. Use an in/lb torque wrench so you don't strip out the threads. I forget the torque spec - my PML instructions listed 'em but that was over a year ago and I can't recall.
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