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CEL on

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My CEL just came on yesterday. However my overhead has been telling me to change my engine oil but I dont want to because Ive only got 4or5000 miles on the amsoil 5w40. Just wondering if the CEL came on because of the oil status or because the silencer ring is out of my turbo? Little help and has this happen to anyone else?:help:ohno::sad2:pray:
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Check the codes by turning the key on and of 3x and leaving it on the last time. Watch the odometer. it should show the code then say done. TO reset the Oil Change light, turn the key on (truck not running), push the accelerator pedal to the floor 3x then turn the key off.

It may be a turbo code due to the Silencer Ring removal
P0489 is the code
P0489-egr Control Circuit Low. Could this code be from the silencer ring removal?
Sounds like an EGR cleaning.

sounds like these trucks are nothing but code machines.


Delete DPF.
Buy code free fooler box
Block off EGR
Buy Edge to clear codes
Remove inner parts in intake.
bla bla bla.

When will it end?
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I don't know if it will, sad to say, but I don't know.
Eventually it will all be figured out. Dodge is not the only one having issues. Read around. Also reading the forums the issues seem far worse then normal because thats what Forums are for, Help with troubles.
egr cleaning. Me or the dealer doing this?
dealer will do it.
If the dealer sees that silencer ring deleted you may have a problem.......
If the dealer sees that silencer ring deleted you may have a problem.......
Word, I put it back on after the turbo surged, huh, seems like I heard it would do that. Anyways, its a one piece ring now; I welding both pieces together and polished them.:w:
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