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Hey guys, last night my overhead lie-o-meter started showing ccd on the screen where it usually shows the temp and compass and mpg and so on... It just pops up sometimes and sometimes it will flash back and forth with the temp and other info. All of my gauges are working fine and everything. How can I get rid of the ccd on the display? I have unlplugged the display and checked the wires and everything seemed to be in place. Any help would be appreciated.

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Haha thats good Brad, It stands for Chrystler Collision Detection by what I can find which is something to do with the electrical stuff. Any ideas on how to fix it anybody?

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Haha thats good Brad, It stands for Chrystler Collision Detection by what I can find which is something to do with the electrical stuff. Any ideas on how to fix it anybody?
Got it! :w: Basically trace down the twisted pair wiring and make sure there are no shorts to ground, power, to itself. Then you'll have to start checking devices by unplugging...

The Chrysler Collision Detection (also referred to
as CCD or C2D ) data bus system is a multiplex system
used for vehicle communications on many
Chrysler Corporation vehicles. Within the context of
the CCD system, the term “collision“ refers to the
system’s ability to avoid collisions of the electronic
data that enters the data bus from various electronic
control modules at approximately the same time.
Multiplexing is a system that enables the transmission
of several messages over a single channel or
circuit. Many Chrysler vehicles use this principle for
communication between the various microprocessorbased
electronic control modules.
Many of the electronic control modules in a vehicle
require information from the same sensing device. In
the past, if information from one sensing device was
required by several controllers, a wire from each controller
needed to be connected in parallel to that sensor.
In addition, each controller utilizing analog
sensors required an Analog/Digital (A/D) converter in
order to “read“ these sensor inputs. Multiplexing
reduces wire harness complexity, sensor current
loads and controller hardware because each sensing
device is connected to only one controller, which
reads and distributes the sensor information to the
other controllers over the data bus. Also, because
each controller on the data bus can access the controller
sensor inputs to every other controller on the
data bus, more function and feature capabilities are

In addition to reducing wire harness complexity,
component sensor current loads and controller hardware,
multiplexing offers a diagnostic advantage. A
multiplex system allows the information flowing
between controllers to be monitored using a diagnostic
scan tool. The Chrysler system allows an electronic
control module to broadcast message data out
onto the bus where all other electronic control modules
can “hear” the messages that are being sent.
When a module hears a message on the data bus
that it requires, it relays that message to its microprocessor.
Each module ignores the messages on the
data bus that are being sent to other electronic control
With a diagnostic scan tool connected into the CCD
circuit, a technician is able to observe many of the
electronic control module function and message outputs
while; at the same time, controlling many of the
sensor message inputs. The CCD data bus, along
with the use of a diagnostic scan tool and a logicbased
approach to test procedures, as found in the
Diagnostic Procedures manuals, allows the trained
automotive technician to more easily, accurately and
efficiently diagnose the many complex and integrated
electronic functions and features found on today’s​


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Here you go...
CCD Data Bus

The whole story on CCD error code...:thud:
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