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Caster, positive or negative?

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Front end has a light steering feeling. Should I adjust caster positive or negative to try and remedy it?
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Thanks you very much
Imagine a vertical rod that goes through the center of the upper ball joint and through the center of the lower ball joint.... if that was exactly vertical it would be zero... Caster is the forward(negative) and rearward(positive)... tilt of the king pin at the top... on the old straight axles it was a king pin... on a modern 4 x4 its that vertical rod mentioned above.. As you get more positive caster, and release the steering wheel, the action of the positive caster will be to pull the wheel straight...
and to add, the wheel with the most + will make the trk steer to that side
Good info, saving for a bigger lift currently and might need this info soon!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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