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Carter hp4601 lift pump on an 03 HO?

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I recently installed a 4601HP on my truck. The truck is mostly stock except the following:

Quadzilla 100 hp fuel box, open air filter, 4" turbo elbow with jake brake, and 5" magna flow exhaust.

The 4601 hp is rated for 18 psi and 100 gph. The pump has a 20 micron filter on the suction side (fs 1242) and a 2 micron on the pressure side. I've got about 2000 miles on the conversion, about 30% towing. Drive ability has been great.

Many of those miles have been on a 30% or so mix of wmo. Last week I accidentally computed some unfiltered oil in the tank which gave me the opportunity to drain my fuel tank:mad: I thought: 100 gph pump, 35 gallon tank... 20 minute job.


It took that pump 21 minutes to pump out 5 gallons. now I'm concerned I don't have enough pump.

My only performance data is my mileage computer (no fuel pressure monitor). I think I'm getting plenty of head pressure to the cp3 cause the mileage computer has been off it's rocker reading 30 + mpg. This tells me my rail pressure has gone up, fooling the computer.

Am I of base here? Should I be worried about this pump?



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No opinions? Or such a lame brained question it doesn't warrant a response?
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