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Guys I'm looking to do a bit of suspension work in the spring or summer this year hopefully. I'm wondering if anybody has personal experience with both the Carli 3" multi rate coil springs and the Thuren 3" soft ride performance springs? I'm assuming ride height is very close to the same but which spring would be a better option for an on-road truck that never goes off-road? Looking for good ride quality on-road.

I was thinking about the Carli Commuter 2.0 because it comes with Fox shocks that are supposed to be tuned specifically for on-road...

Just don't want to spend lot's of money on suspension and it end up feeling like crap or worse than factory. Is it even possible to achieve a smooth ride?

Or maybe you have pieced together a custom setup using 1 of the above springs and different shocks/steering stabilizer/track bar etc...

The other thing I should mention is it get's very cold here in the winter. Not sure if that makes a difference on shock choosing?

Thanks in advance...
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