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can i turn off my abs and brake light

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my truck is a 06 2500 4x4 auto and since ive owned the truck the abs and brake light have been on ive replaced the sensors and the dealer said nothing was wrong with the system the abs still seems to work like it should my question is is there any way just to turn the lights off as in take out bulbs or something the lights are getting on my nerves and i just want them to go off thanks for any help
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Replaced the sensors by replacing the whole hub?

I did not know you could only replace the sensors.
I would not take the dealers word for this. When my abs/ brake light was on, my abs DID NOT WORK. I have a scanner that reads abs as well as codes, and it said my front left sensor was bad. You can use an ohm meter across the plug, and spin the wheel and the ohms should jump up (this is how I checked it). I replaced the sensor with another known good sensor and the lights went out. So do not take for granted that the dealer is telling you the truth without further checking.
yes just the sensors i got them from my dealer
yes just the sensors i got them from my dealer
did you do all 3 :confused013:
yeah both front wheels and the one in the rearend
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