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Cam and turbo pair question.

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Hey ya'll,
Just had my Cummins rebuilt at 275k miles with a Hamilton 178/208 cam, ceramic coated piston tops and teflon skirts, and brand new stock Bosch injectors and ARP 425 studs.
Also running Smarty on SW3 with factory HE351 with a billet compressor wheel.
While breaking it in towing my camper up and down i70 West of Denver I noticed a few things.

Around 2500 rpm, I am only getting 30 psi of boost while towing my 10k camper. I can hit 37 psi below that rpm. Could this be because the cam moved the boost curve to a lower rpm range or is the turbo just not able to keep up at higher rpms?
Going back up to the Eisenhower tunnel from Silverthorne, I was able to maintain 50 mph in 4th gear (G56) at 2500 rpm. EGTs slowly crept up to 1400 and stayed there the whole climb.
Besides those things, it towed it well enough considering the steep grades and how heavy my GVW is. Truck is 9300 lbs and camper is around 10500 lbs.

Would a different turbo help top end boost and EGTs?
Thanks for the help.
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Try putting you stock he351 compressor wheel back in.
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