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CAD delete question

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Will a Non CAD axle shaft fit in my 96? I'm going to lockouts trying to find an alternative to ems offroads kit
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just shim it closed with washers. works fine.
I left the CAD in mine. I like the idea of being able to leave the hubs engaged when in a snowy area without having the front end turning all the time when it's not needed.
you will have to pull your carrier to put in the inner seal for the solid axel.i used a posilock cable conv when i done my ford dana 60 hub conv.
but the question still arises. will a 01 solid shaft fit in to replace the cad shaft
I was gunna say that . But didn't want to sound pushy. I have my fork pulled slid the collar over and put back in behind the collar but I want to do it right
I just moved my shift fork to lock position and welded the shaft in place so it won't slide back. Quick, easy, cheap. You can swap the one piece shaft in, but like mentioned above you'll have to pull the carrier and replace the inner axle seal.
My inner seals leak anyways
you dont have a inner seal.
01 has 32 spline 96 has 30 splines this is from randys ring-pinion.fords have 35 spline.
well I welded mine on my 98 then while having fun broke the shaft on mine witch lasted a good year or so
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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