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Cab air vents?

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On my 2006, I can start it up and drive it around for a while and after time my heater or air vents slowly block themselves off. The fan switch works fine and the selector does also when its working. But seems like after a while something blocks it off near the fan motor somewhere. Once it does that I cant get any air to come out anywhere. Then if I let sit for a little bit it will work again perfectly fine. Whats going on with it?
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Your recir door is broken and laying on top of your fan motor. Drop the fan and reach up and pull the broken door out. Then google heater treater and order a replacement door.
I dropped the fan motor and reached my hand all over up there and didnt find any flapper or anything.
Do you have the AC compressor on. Could it be freezing up?
I looked up that recirc flapper you were talking about and that is all still connected so that isn't the problem. I mean i dont have the button for ac on or anything but maybe its stuck on when its not suppose to be? I do know the lines from the ac after i drive it when its not even on are wet and it drips water even. Could something be going on with that?
My 06 has a button to turn the compressor off. Since it doesn't sound like you do, the AC compressor would normally only be on in the AC mode and the Defrost mode. If you are on heat mode and the compressor is still running I would think you could be getting icing on the evaporator.
I went and unhooked my ac compressor and it still did it. Seems like it took longer then usual for it to mess up but still did same thing. Works great and slowly something shuts it down. Could it be one of the flappers up against the firewall up top from the inside? The one that looks like a pain in to even get to?
May want to check heater treater web site. The have a good write up on operations and troubleshooting tips.

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