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Buying used high mileage.

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Im looking at a 07.5 reg dually sport 4x4 guys with 315,000 on it. Its at one of those buy here pay here truck dealers theyre asking 14. What do you guys think about buying these with all those miles? Ive heard obviously higher the worse but also some high miler trucks have had the big items that went out replaced by then. Also if it was easy miles thats another thing to look at. Do you guys think these trucks are worth the buy?
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That truck is priced pretty high for that mileage.

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:agree2: Does the truck have any maint. records? Has it been taken care of or rode hard? I've seen these trucks go for quite a bit less with lower milage.
Yes I agree, im not sure yet on the records. Are these 6.7s holding up well past 300 with proper servicing?
With that amount of miles, if it was in good condition i would offer 8,500. I mean darn that thing in near the rebuild mark
I agree ^^^^^
Fellow on here with over 800,000 on his.
Maint. Records will tell you how reliable it will be obviously, is it deleted. The biggest issues you run into with these are usually emissions related.
Well its a damn good lookin sport I just hope the history on it checks out. I got a buddy thats a sheriff and he can run vin and get the real history of ownership for me. The price would need to come down too.
Kinda high to me

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