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Buying gauges for a 98 12 valve

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Hey guys, I know nothing about gauges, other than they are very important and very expensive.

i want to get EGT,boost and trans temp.

I am looking at the Isspro gauges and the Autometer Ultra lite, due to the price. Do the give good visability at night? what ones do you like better? Any other suggestions that keep the price down but still look and function good? What is the average price for a setup with the 3 gauge A pillar pod?
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Stay away from the ISSPRO's. I have isspro boost and egt. I do like the face of the egt, but it has the little box that transmits a signal to the gauge, and sometimes the gauges quits. Boost I haven't had a problem though..
heard autometer has a nice cobalt blue gague.
how nice of a g uage do you really want???

if you want bad guages, look for Defi guages, imperial series. but they are $$$. i have stewart-warner in my truck. it was under $300 shipped for 30psi boost, egt with probe and trans temp with sensor and the a-pillar pod.
DiPricol guages are my favorite.

The Danin Branded Install kits are awesome, and no one gives consideration to their value until they are out buying wire on install day. The DiPricol kits are worth the money, not to mention some of the best visible gauges on the market with 5 LED bulbs in each gauge and a mirror on the bottom of the needle to make good visibility better.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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