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Bunker Hill

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So.. who all is goin to bunker hill on sat?
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Im gonna be there! Should be a good night. I guess they are running their normal show with all the diesels thrown in. So I know were gonna see some diesels run some big block cars!
I was thinking about running mine just to see what I could do, but I dont know. Hell I can get it to hook up on the street.
i am gona race my camaro in regular bracket
im just wondering who all is gonna be there. wouldnt mind meeting a few of you guys and checking out your trucks.
I think FireMed is going to be up there too. If hes there I know he will race that truck! Should be a good amount of us there!
OK, Gates open at 12:30, Final qualifying at 5:30 Finals at 7:00. So i guess ill be getting there at 1:00 or so. probably stop at Houses place for a bit. Cant wait to see yall there!
yea not sure what time im gonna head that way. but you'll see me pull in!
I'll be there watching.
I wont get to go but I do have my timeslips from two weeks ago... I wanna hear your times.
i ended up taking my dmax that has a bad cp3 and racing it, with 120hp bully dog tune in it, 10.07 was my best
i went 2 rounds in brackets
1/8 mile track i assume?
Yep 1/8 mi quickest I ran was 8.15.
Wasnt too bad of a time. Too bad the best part of the night was seeing a big block car carry a wheelie halfway down the track and about tagging the wall! Oh and i bet DHRA is happy that the bracket finbals were a stock power stroke vs. a 6.5 chevy 1 ton! I guess that why they left hours before the event was over!

It was good seeing y'all and cant wait til Aug. 9!
the bracket class wasnt dhra sanctioned, it was put on by Bunker
my best was 10.13
sorry jeff i had to work and havent been on this site for a while. Ill be up there this friday. maybe i can break my previous best.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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