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bully dog

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My buddy sold his 06 and is selling his bully dog triple dog gt. I have a 2007 5.9 with the g56. The truck is bone stock except for exhaust and intake. I'd like efi live but dont really want to shovel out the cash on a marine corps paycheck. So just wondering if I should give it a shot, he only wants $300 for it. Not looking for crazy power, just a little more "umph", mpg's, and monitoring. So any input would be appreciated
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Would be worth a shot, you could probably sell it for that as well when you want to move onto efilive.
Don't let Phil blow smoke, save your money then call him for efi live! Its night and day better. I had a tow truck to my house behind a bully dog. EFI Live and done you can add a few hundred to his asking price and you in at an entry level later get the CSP5, then when mods come a little more gets new tunes to match. You wont regret it.
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