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Bully Dog J-Hook Pics

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Ok, I have a few questions for those who have installed this on their trucks. I have installed this on my truck, but I don't beleive I have it installed correctly. As I look down from the top of the wastegate, the bracket is installed on the right (by the head). That is the impression that I got from the lackluster directions. As the turnbuckle goes back to the rear to the arm it crosses over the top of the wastegate rod. This does not seem right. You would think it would not cross over the top of the wastegate rod and run parallel with the wastegate rod. Again the directions are not good and there is not pictures of the installed part. Lastly it says the turnbuckle needs to be turned so the spring is 1 3/4 inches long. Does that mean the entire spring or just the coils, I would think it should be the entire spring, but how it sits now it doesn't seem tight enough. So what I need is a good explanation or some pics of the product. Thanks.
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here is the pic I used I could not find any help on this, what I did was printed this out and looked at it when I installed it, hope this helps I did go under and looked up and had to put it on the wastgate myself but if look at it from the bottom you can see how it all goes together.

J-Hook Assembly
The pic is from a different type. The Bully dog uses a bracket that bolts to the wastegate bracket, a spring and turnbuckle assembly to apply tension. Thanks anyways.
Sorry just saw J-hook and I needed help when I was installing mine just thought I would try and help you out. Good luck!!!!!
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