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bucking above 2000rpm

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so tonite on the freeway playn around with the old man while hes in his stroker from about 70 80 hit wot and above 2000 it kinda bucked but after 90 100 it stopped. i know the converter isnt slipping. fuel issue? its raining traction issue? its not making crazy power so i doubt its spinning at 80. i noticed my egts were crazy low for my truck. generally can hit 1350 with hot unlock. i was barely cracking 1100
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ive also been having hard starts like the pump is losing prime. just put on a new vp
brand new filter
no less than 16 lbs
no the light has not triggered. ill go scan it real quick though.
no codes possibly bad fuel?
The lift or injection pump? The inj pump is new
It was actually not raining at the moment, but yea newase
It never used to do it. Maybe its just this pump?
What bracket? I am thinkn i have an air leak pre fass pump. It took 30 mins of tryn to get it to start today. Had to crack the vp lines and got a load of air.
It is tapped. Ill check it out. Im making a sump right now, ive been wanting to anywase.
1 - 9 of 17 Posts
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