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Broken G56

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Tried searching around but unfortunately, "G56" is too short for the forum search and it gets ignored. After a few weeks of manually searching every thread I could find, I figure it is time to post.
I just bought this truck (was rolled), had to put a new front diff in it (towed with front end down, no oil in it), swapped the cab/box off of an 02 1500 on to it, went to drain the tranny and out comes a few pieces of the syncro dogs as well as a detent spring. The good news is this tranny is stupidly easy to take out and even easier to take apart. An hour later I have the thing in pieces and have found the 3/4 selector ring has broken off about 15 of the dogs on the 3rd gear side. Looking at the way it is built I'm not surprised as they stick out a fair ways past the selector ring and are just begging to get broken. My guess is the guy I bought it from crashed the gear and did the damage.
Problem is DOdge will only sell that as a complete 3/4 syncro assy to the tune of $800 cdn.
Has anyone here heard of this before or am I just lucky? Anyone here work at a Dodge dealer as a tranny guy and have a spare 3-4 selector ring and a detent they want to sell? Anyone know a place that sells just the internals? Anything else in here that is a problem (stock truck, staying that way) while I have it apart? The thing looks mint as far as I can tell, other than the obvious issue.