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Broken fuel level guage

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I just got a 96 cummins with a broken fuel guage. the previous owner never cared it diddn't work, and just used the tripometer to know when to fill up. Has anyone fixed one of these? Any inisights much appreciated. thanks

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The sending unit in the tank is almost always the problem that causes a bad fuel gauge. In order to replace it the bed has to be lifted or the tank dropped. The Dodge part number for the sending unit is 4797738. It's about $70 or maybe a little more. Don't let them sell you the whole tank fuel module, especially the one for the gasser which has a fuel pump built in it.
My gauge wasn't workin either, I order a new fuel sender, its jus a arm and with a float and a sensor. I think I paid 65 bucks from the dealer. I had to argue with the guy because he said that it had a fuel pump in the tank like a gasser. typical dealer though.
Yup. what they said, I replaced 3 in the last two weeks at work. It's really simple (as long as your fuel tank is empty). PM me if you have any questions about doing it :thumbsup
yea all you need is the little arm part of it. its 70 bucks from dodge.
sweet. thanks guys. for the time being I think I'm gonna just use the tripometer as he had for the past several years because other more pressing issues with this truck have come up.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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