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breather tube...

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I bought another 06 Cummins about 6 weeks ago and the thing runs great, it has just shy of 152k on it. It starts up perfect with no white smoke or missing after sitting for 8+ hours. It does not make or consume oil and the oil does not smell of diesel. However it does have some smoke coming out of the breather tube consistent with another persons truck on here seen in this video,
. On cold start up I started the truck, took the oil cap off, flipped it upside down and placed it over the hole. It has just BARELY enough pressure to take some weight off the cap but not near enough to make it bounce or jump at all. I would consider it to be like a very weak Air Hockey table or maybe the engine vibration is just moving it, lol. I've done some research (search function on this forum) and some people say its bad news, others say its not a big deal. I feel fairly confident its not much to worry about but I value other peoples opinions on this. Whats your take on it? Good/bad? :confused013: Just being paranoid I think because Ive had my other 06 since new and it has 137k on it and has zero smoke from breather tube.
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If it's as much as that video it's not a good sign. The oil cap test needs to be done when the truck is at operating temp though. Try that and see what it looks like.

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Ummm that don't look good to me but I'm no pro. Just finished hanging a small cup to my breather tube and see if I can document the blowby that way. Recently noticed the slightest bit of blowby (cap doesn't move at all) but didn't seem to notice it there before so I wanna keep an eye on it
That looks like a lot to me.
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