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I have searched "brake noise" and "noisy brakes" to no avail.

Something strange is going on with my truck. It sounds like my pad sensors are going off, so I bought some EBC Greenstuff 7000 pads. When I took the wheel off to change the pads, I noticed the pads on the truck are still pretty meaty (about 1/4" pad left), and the sensors are far from touching the rotors. I went to O'reilly's and bought some brake quiet stuff, but the brakes are still making the same noise. The parts counter guy said to try going in reverse and hitting the parking brake to "set the brakes"... still noisy.

The sound happens when I am on or off of the brakes at low speeds. I don't want to put my new pads on if the old ones are still good.

This noise was not there until I installed a straight pipe and an S&B intake. I have only put about 400 miles on the truck since those upgrades. I have jiggled the exhaust to see if it is making the noise, but it obviously is something with the wheels.

My truck has 56,000 miles and is a Chrysler certified as of last august. It looks like they replaced the brakes before I bought the truck. What could be the cause?
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