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It has a little red button that gets pushed in which turn on and off the brake lights. Take the little box and pull back towards the front of the car and zip tie into place. should be set afterwards. Why can't they just figure it out? haha, what would they do without us.
Yep - what he said!

When mine first acted up I got a replacement switch and put it in. They just push into place. Worked fine for a few months then started doing it again. I finally figured out that I was hitting the pedal with my right foot as I got out of the truck and that was causing the switch to back out of the holder. Tied it in with a cable tie and have not had a problem since. That was about 5 years ago.

Oh yea, this problem will also cause problems with the cruise control. It will start acting weird and increasing then decreasing speed. Will completely shut off as the problem gets worse, just like tapping the brake pedal.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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