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Brake controller/brake switch issue

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I posted this in the towing section, but I dont think it gets much exposure over there...

Okay here is the Problem: I have a new (and tested on another vehicle) brake controller (Prodigy) and brand new wiring pigtail for the prodigy. I get brakes to the trailer when I use the manual lever, but not through the pedal. I put a meter on the red wire(at the factory socket for the brake controller) to the prodigy today, and got no output from the brake pedal switch when I engaged the brake pedal.

I am going to start digging deeper in to the wiring but wanted to make sure there wasn’t some known “gremlin” in the system before I embark on this.

Any experience or help with this is appreciated.
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Do your brake lights work? I know it sounds dumb but you have to start there. you might have a bad connection in the pigtail between the brake switch and the controller. The brake switch sends the signal to the controller, the contoller amplifies it and sends the appropiate voltage to the brakes based off inertia. If you put a voltmeter on the wire that feeds the brakes you will see the voltage change as you push the lever. good luck

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the red wire is for chargeing batteries on campers

Park Lamp = Brown
Left Turn = Yellow
Right Turn = Light Green
Backup = White/Light Green
Brake = Dark Green
+12v = Red/Violet (thru fuse 19)
Ground = Black(2)
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