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Brake caliper question?

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Replacing front pads on my 95', noticed passenger side pads worn twice as bad as driver side. i am assuming the passenger side caliper is not releasing?? if i replace the caliper, should i do both sides or is it okay to do just the one?? Truck has pulled to the passenger side for a long time..assume it's the same issue with the caliper???
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I would only replace the bad caliper, and not waiste my time and money on the good one. But DO get a new full set of pads, which I am sure you already know. You will soon know if that was the problem or not. I have heard of other problems causing the brakes to pull, including collapsed brake line, and obviously front end problems. I would look into the brake line, and maybe just to be safe replace both sides, as I have heard this is a very common problem. I am having the same problem but have not done anything about it yet.
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